Ryerson Lab

Functional Morphology and Biomechanics

Current Students

Here are the current students in the lab. Students interested in research should email me at wryerson@anselm.edu with potential project ideas, even if they aren’t directly related to my research.

Weimin Tan – Senior

Weimin is a Biochemistry major new to the lab. Born in China, Weimin came to the US when she was 13. Weimin does it all in the lab. She is currently working on projects involving long-term captivity and the effects on feeding behavior, and histological examinations of the anatomy of small vertebrates.



2017-07-19 14.10.07

Sara Faigel – Senior

Sara is a Biology major who joined the lab over the summer as part of the INBRE summer program at Saint Anselm. Her current project is developing a new technique for identifying different muscle fiber types in preserved specimens.

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