Ryerson Lab

Functional Morphology, Sensory Biology, Behavior, Biomechanics


Current Students

Ben Sweesy (2021) – Ben is looking at prey-handling differences between ball pythons and boa constrictors

Abigail Donnellan (2021) – Abby is measuring the accuracy and consistency of portable EKG monitors


Farid Mawanda (2020)

Tate Van Valkenburg (2020)

Cassidy Goulet (2019) – Education and animal care intern at Jacksonville Zoo

Sara Faigel (2019) – Licensed nursing assistant

Weimin Tan (2018) – Applying for graduate programs in Biochemistry, lab technician at Dartmouth College

Marissa Ashton (2017) – Now a lab technician at the Harvard Medical School

CJ Blaszka (2017) – Currently a semiprofessional hockey player and applying to DPT programs

Omri de la Pierre Alpuche (2017) – Pursuing a degree in optometry.

Brianna Capistran (2016) – Pursuing a PhD and MS in forensic science and chemistry at Michigan State.

Taylor Eells (2016) – Currently applying to physical therapy schools.

Gregory Spicer (2016) – Currently completing a PhD in Exercise Science at Springfield College.

Audrey Schmidt (2016) – Currently completing a DPT in Physical Therapy at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

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