Ryerson Lab

Functional Morphology, Sensory Biology, Behavior, Biomechanics

Behavior and Sensory Biology

What originally had me interested in all of these interesting little critters was obviously behavior. Every now and then I dip my feet back into the world of behavior.

Recently, I described a new behavior in colubrid snakes, what I have been calling a cope-105-02-cov.pdfhead-wobble. I published a little article on this behavior, in Copeia  The issue of the journal also featured of a photo of one of the species in question, a beautiful little eastern ribbon snake, Thamnophis sauritus. It seems that these snakes will perform a little lateral movement with their heads when the wind is blowing. This seemingly helps them to continue to blend in with the moving grass and they hope to avoid detection by doing so. Students in the lab are digging into this behavior to see if we can get them to perform the head-wobble in the lab and see exactly what conditions make that behavior happen.

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