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3D Printing for Comparative Anatomy

A 3D printed version of the skull of the Virginia opossum, from a scan by Ian Browne

Following a recent discussion on Twitter (Adam Summers, Matt Kolmann, Kyle Mara, Lisa Whitenack) and SICB, and originally inspired by a SICB poster from Stacy Farina (Howard University) and Nick Gidmark (Knox College), I decided I would put this page up to help people find STLs of materials that they may find useful in their classes (particularly those of us teaching Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy at smaller schools). Most of these are skulls, but other pieces will be included as they are requested or as I can find them. If you have a model you want added, or would like to request one, shoot me an email (billryerson”at”gmail.com) and I will add it. All of these models are freely available (some need an account or permission from the creator) and can be printed on almost any 3D printer. Not all models may fit as one piece on all printers, and if I find a lot of models need slicing in particular ways, I will put those here or on my Thingiverse account (https://www.thingiverse.com/bill_ryerson/designs) which anyone can use for their classes. Please be sure to give credit to the original creator or provider of the data if you use this for posters or workshops. Happy Printing!

Most Often Requested for Class

Some of my personal favorites

Wish List

  • Dimetrodon or other early synapsid
  • Necturus (working on it!)
  • Giraffe cervical vertebrae (all of them)
  • Tiktaalik

Other Great Resources (I am obviously not the first to consider this)

¹From Thomas DB et al. 2016. 3D scanning and printing skeletal tissues for anatomy education. Journal of Anatomy doi: 10.1111/joa.12484

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