Ryerson Lab

Functional Morphology, Sensory Biology, Behavior, Biomechanics

Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy

Useful links for those interested in the world (and people) of Comparative Anatomy:

3D Scans for Comparative Anatomy: Interactive 3D PDFs for an amazing assortment of critters, freely available.

Interactive Bird Anatomy: A fun website that lets you test your bird anatomy. The graphics are pretty great, and the site is easy to use.

What’s in John’s Freezers?  – A fantastic blog by John Hutchinson, at the Royal Veterinary College. Featuring wonderful images from specimens that many of us don’t get a chance to see normally.

Murray State Anatomy Atlas – For all your dissection needs. Provides nice color photographs and labels of the common specimens that many of us use in our classes.

Re articulating the skeleton of a Burmese python by the FLMNH

Evolution of Jaws – 45 minute video on the remarkable diversity of jaw shape and structure in the vertebrates.

Snake Skull – Snake skulls are pretty unique. This link provides labeled and unlabeled images.

Feather Atlas – USFWS database of many feathers and useful keys for identifying species from feathers

Dog Anatomy – A virtual dissection provided by the veterinary medicine program at Colorado State University

The Vertebrate Skeleton – Free eBook from The Project Gutenberg. An anatomy textbook from 1897, it has some incredible drawings on some species we talk about in class.

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